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Welcome to Forza wine packs - the 'yeah I know a thing or two about wine' edition.

We're not gonna teach you sucks eggs (OR SULPHUR AMIRITE) You and me both know what these bottles represent - some of the greatest and most well-repsected makers in the world of Italian natural wine. They pay no heed to the snapback brigade, nor do they care how their labels look - this is purely about the liquid. Naturally made by people who are masters of their craft. 

The idea is simple - you buy a 3-pack, we deliver to your front door what we hope will see you through these hard times and leave you in high spirits.

We could offer you a subscription and choose the wines for you - but we chose to go in a different direction, and give you the power to decide what suits your palate best, with a little guidance from yours truly.

The boring but important bit before you read about the wines:

This wine pack consists of 3 bottles of your choice. 

All orders are being sent out every Friday morning for next day delivery
The cut-off for delivery is every Thursday, 9am.

Your options are as follows:


#1 2019 L'Hurluberlu - Sebastien David - Cabernet Franc - Loire
We stick to our guts when we pick new wines for our menus - and since Italian is what we do best, it's a rarity to find something that isn't just that on our list. But... when you do, you'd be right to think it must've blew our socks off! This Cab Franc is easily the best one we've tried yet - boasting with cherry, raspberry & cranberry flavours. Wildly vibrant and unlike anything you've ever had. It's juicy, DANGEROUSLY smashable and a bit like strawberry juice that gets you drunk happily. 

#2 2019 Trebbiolo Rosso - La Stoppa - Barbera, Bonarda - Emilia-Romagna
There hasn't been a year that this classic from the geniuses at La Stoppa hasn't featured on our lists - we LOVE it. It's a hefty little number, as much in its purple hue and as in its big and bold body. Juicy with red berries, spicy with notes of vanilla, savoury with hints of myrtle. Perfection in a bottle! 

#3 2019 Tiberi 'l Rosso - Tiberi - Gamay del Trasimeno, Ciliegiolo - Umbria
All wines from the team Tiberi are as natural as they come. 'L Rosso is no different. Farm on the nose, it instantly takes you away from the realities of living in a big city. Once you taste it, the mix of summer fruit and fresh herbs is overwhelming. And yet, it is light enough to benefit from being served chilled.


#1 2019 Masieri Bianco - La Biancara - Garganega - Veneto
Angelino Maule - AKA the Godfather of Italian Natural Wine. Another one of our absolute favourites. As natural a wine as they come, green apple and hay on the nose, zesty with citrus and savoury with aromatic herbs on the palate. It really, really is delicious.

#2 Vermentuzzo - Vini di Giovanni - Vermentuzzo - Umbria
AKA 'sheep wine' - not because it tastes like sheep, but because the guy that makes it is a shepherd. We like to think you can taste the calmness of his mind in his wines. The label is literally made from grass it's so natural. It's expertly balanced and superbly moreish, dry as you like but also quite fruity in its expression. 

#3 Dinavolino Bianco - La Stoppa - Malvasia, Ortrugo, Marsanne, Trebbiano, Sauvignon - Emilia-Romagna
From the legendary winemakers behind La Stoppa, this orange wine has tannic qualities of red wine whilst holding a flavour profile of a bright white. Untempered, unfiltered and unapologetic - just like us...


#1 Alpino (Pet-Nat) - Cantina Furlani - Vernaccia, Lagarino Bianco, Nosiola, Verdebara - Trentino
A bottle of bubbly meant for celebrations, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or the fact you just picked yourself up a Forza Road and are about to dig into a delicious Friday night dinner.
In our humble opinion, this tasty ‘almost white’ Pet-Nat is better than Champagne.

#2 Rosato (Pet-Nat) - Cantina Furlani - Pinot Noir - Trentino
Never had a fizzy (almost) red rose wine? NEVER LIVED! This is Danilo Marcucci's most refined version of an everyday beverage in Italy - Lambrusco. Though he'd probably slay me for saying. Fizzy, natural, deeper rose - drink cold and feel great.

#3 Colfondo frizzante - Casa Belfi - Glera - Veneto
Light bodied, bone-dry and full of delicate bubbles that pop with flavours of pear, peach and white flowers. Technically Prosecco, but because it has no nasties (it's unfined, unfiltered and fermented in the bottles) the big boys over at the DOC didn't give it their stamp of approval.