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You've heard about natural wine before, perhaps  had a glass or two whilst out with your m8s at that hip rooftop bar in Peckham ... Now you're stuck at home and simply can't look at the same old bottle of Malbec you got from Sainsbury's, but don't know enough about natural wine to actively search for it.

Now you don't have to! 

Welcome to Forza wine packs - the 'farmier on the nose & funkier in your mouth edition.

Missing your fix of nasties-free, deliciously juicy wine? Another zoom birthday party coming up?
As ever, look no further, for once again, we've got you covered.

The idea is simple - you buy a 3-pack, we deliver to your front door what we hope will see you through these hard times and leave you in high spirits.

We could offer you a subscription and choose the wines for you - but we chose to go in a different direction, and give you the power to decide what suits your palate best, with a little guidance from yours truly.

The boring but important bit before you read about the wines:

This wine pack consists of 3 bottles of your choice. 

All orders are being sent out every Friday morning for next day delivery
The cut-off for delivery is every Thursday, 9am.

Your options are as follows:

Your options are as follows:


#1 2019 Alessandrino - Valli Unite - Dolcetto & Barbera - Piedmont
It's entry-level, banging stuff with just enough funk that you know it's not come from a factory, but enough 'wine' to know the person who made it didn't start yesterday. Very juicy, with a forefront of ripe cherries and soft tannins that make your mouth water. Yum!

#2 2019 Baglio Antico Rosso - Cantine Rallo - Nero d'Avola - Sicily
This Nero d’avola is big and bold, and seriously tasty. Unoaked, unfined and unfiltered. It tastes of Sicily - black cherries, plums & charred spice. Perfect for lovers of Cab Sauv and Malbec.

#3 2019 Chianti Colli Aretini - Paterna - Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo - Tuscany
This tasty thing is grown like natural wine, made like natural wine and yet has flavour qualities of that heavily oaked, smoked and overpriced 20 year old bottle of ‘classic’ Chianti you'll find everywhere. Bold forefront of ripe strawberries and sage.


#1 2019 Ciu Ciu Verdicchio - Ciu Ciu - Verdicchio - Marche
For all you lovers of Sauvignon Blanc. This Verdicchio is crisp, dry & tastes like green apple & lemon, with a chalky mineral finish. 
A club banger, will please those ‘Only drink natural wiiiiine’ as well as your Auntie Cheryl who ‘DRINKS NUFFIN BUT CLOUDY BAY!’

#2 2019 Falerio Oris - Ciu Ciu - Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina - Marche
Falerio is a hefty white, made mostly with Pecorino strain (grapes, not the cheese). Packed full of apples for bright acidity, bananas and a hint of vanilla for depth and balanced sweetness. Perfect for those winter days when you need a break from tannic reds. Give it a crack in front of a fireplace screen and pretend like you’re in snowy hills of Northern Italy.

#3 2019 Rami Falanghina - Di Majo Norante - Falanghina - Molise
A banging food wine. Tastes like late summer afternoon, a real stone fruit affair - peach & apricot notes deliver well balanced acidity whilst slight bitterness of fresh almonds ensures the sweetness isn't overpowering. Goes with everything, holds its ground when paired with white meats but has that pleasant roughness that reminds you it has no nasties in it, either.

#4 2019 Baglio Antico Bianco - Cantine Rallo - Catarratto - Sicily
Entry level orange wine, perfect for when you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new. All the way from sunny Sicily, this Cataratto boasts with autumn fruit and spices whilst still feeling light and bright as a summer breeze.


#1 Rosato Frizzante - La Jara - Glera - Veneto
This fizzy pink rose has a very similar look to cherry lambrini, but it tastes AMAZING, is natural, organic, and all the other business. The nose is delicate and fruity, led by aromas of ripe strawberries and raspberries. The palate is fresh and tart, full of gooseberry and redcurrant notes. 

#2 Bianco Frizzante - Cantina Bernardi - Glera - Veneto
Our house fizz. Off-dry and gently bubbly, perfect for Friday night zoom parties and Saturday brunch mimosas. Doesn't have the ‘tack’ of prosecco, cos it isn’t ‘officially’ prosecco. Sort of similar to those ‘adidas’ tracksuit you could get in the nineties (AKA Tesco Two Stripes) but in this instance better for it.

#3 Colfondo Frizzante - Casa Belfi - Glera - Veneto
Light bodied, bone-dry and full of delicate bubbles that pop with flavours of pear, peach and white flowers. Technically Prosecco, but because it has no nasties (it's unfined, unfiltered and fermented in the bottles) the big boys over at the DOC didn't give it their stamp of approval.