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Welcome to Forza wine packs - the 1 litre table wines you never knew you needed edition.

Are you like all of us at Forza and miss that special fix of nasties-free, deliciously juicy wine, but don't have easy access to it at the moment? Have you got yet another zoom birthday party coming up and are stuck for options that don't end up with a hellish hangover? 
My dears, look no further, for once again, we've got you covered.

The idea is simple - you buy a 3-pack, we deliver to your front door what we hope will see you through these hard times and leave you in high spirits.

We could offer you a subscription and choose the wines for you - but we chose to go in a different direction, because actually what we do is restaurants, and we hold out some hope that they'll happen again soon. So, you have the power to decide what suits your palate best, with a little guidance from yours truly.

The boring but important bit before we let you read about the wines:

This wine pack consists of 3 bottles of your choice.

All orders are being sent out every Friday morning for next day delivery

The cut-off for delivery is every Thursday, 9am.

Your options are as follows:


#1 2019 Nucleo 1 Rosso - Dinamo - Sangiovese, Gamay del Trasimeno - Umbria
Kinda like Calcarius, but without the scandal. Rich in calcium, medium bodied. Silky red berries on a forefront quickly followed by crunchy tannins. Very easy to drink, but it won't leave you feeling drowsy. A very Sunday lunch vibe wine.

#2 2019 Litro Rosso - Conestabile della Staffa - Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo
An official industry term for this big boi is ‘boozy ribena’... NAT! One of Forza’s recent favourites, the Litro Rosso is light & juicy with an abundance of ripe cherries. Dangerously drinkable.

#3 2019 Vino Nato Disobbediente - Monte Dall'Ora - Corvinone, Molinara - Veneto
A personal favourite of ours, this Valpolicella is light, juicy and unlike anything else you’ve ever tried. A litre of ludicrously smashable goodness.

#4 2019 Nucleo 2 Bianco - Dinamo - Trebbiano - Umbria
The only litre bottle of natty white we could find that is worthy being on our list. Ever so off-dry, it delivers a real citrusy brightness, whilst the nose is strong with smells of thyme and freshly mowed lawn after a summer rain. So you know, just the usual white really.

#5 2019 Nucleo 3 Rosato - Dinamo - Gamay del Trasimeno, Sangiovese - Umbria
This rose is sure to convert all those who think a rose should be pale in colour and only drank on hot Saturday afternoons. With a depth of a light red, this rosato delivers bags of citrusy zestiness that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed.

#6 2019 Nucleo X - Dinamo - Trebbiano - Umbria
Whoever thought orange wine was supposed to be only for people who talk about liking orange wine, get ready to like orange wine. Danilo Marcucci’s name seems to crop up around any of the label porn/ trendy shape bottles at the moment, and many delicious wines he seems to make too - this is no different. A litre of bright & light citrusy zing. Positively gluggable, it is sure to bring joy and smiles of satisfaction amid foggy & grey days.

#7 2019 Elettriko (Pet-Nat) - Dinamo - Gamay del Trasimeno, Sangiovese - Umbria
We could keep rambling on about how Danilo Marcucci is a genius, and how the Dinamo range might just be the best thing he's ever come up with - but we won't. Elettriko is a sparkling rose. It's delicious; fizzy, but not in your face; light & juicy; fresh with zesty citrus. We think you should try it. You'll love it, trust us.