Spring Season 2017
Spring Season 2017

Spring Season 2017


Spring is almost here. It's a great time, as aside from all the glorious seasonal produce fresh wines and crisp days, it pulls us outta hibernation and reminds us what the warmth of the sun feels like. This season we’re serving traditional Italian arrangement of five courses decided on a weekly basis so we can keep it super seasonal. Flame grilled Lamb neck is the centrepiece with fresh pasta, risottos, sorbets, grilled vegetables either side.

We cater to all dietary requirements just fill in the 'Dietary requirements' box when you're checking out. 

Forza Win has two giant tables, where you'll be sat with other guests, so come prepared to get cosy and make some new friends and feast..`

19:30 - 11:30PM
133 Copeland Park, SE15 3SN

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